Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Decorations


Earlier this week I went to Walmart and spent a little WAY too much money on Christmas decorations, but I still felt like my apartment needed more holiday cheer. Since I’m saving up for presents, I decided to make my own decorations out of crafty items I already had. I chose 3 different decorations to share with you!

You Will Need:


1. Reindeer Canvas


This was one of the easiest crafts ever and even better I got it off of Pinterest!

HOW TO: Start off with a blank white canvas. Then lay down some tape in the shape of a reindeer’s head. I used red paint over the tape and waited for it to dry. Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape and reveal the outline. I colored in remaining white canvas with silver glitter paint.


If I had an extra canvas, I would love to make a second painting with green in the shape of a Christmas tree and also fill that in with the silver paint!

2. Candle Holder


My favorite thing about this craft is that the labels I have peel right off, which means you can remove them for use all year round. I actually upcycled this jar becuase it was a jar of salsa! haha

HOW TO: First I filled out some labels using red, green and black sharpies. While the labels dried, I hot-glued some of the red flat pebbles to the rim of the jar. (These can also be easily removed for redesign.) Then I peeled the labels and carefully placed them on opposite sides. Fill the jar with the same red pebbles and place the candle inside! Wah-lah! Super quick.


3. Popsicle Snowflakes


Gold and glitter makes for some cute decorations. This is the most fun because you can let your creativity come through. Each snowflake is different.

HOW TO: For the smaller snowflakes I used 3-4 sticks and hot-glued them together. Then have fun with the gold and silver paint, or red and green, whatever colors you like. Some were all gold, some all silver, etc. For the mother of all snowflakes I used 32 sticks and hot-glued them in a design I liked. Then I painted the entire snowflake white. After that dried, I stippled on some gold and silver glitter paint. I wanted it to have texture and not all be one flat color. Make sure you let your snowflakes dry completely before you hang them!

I chose to hang mine on the wall, but the smaller snowflakes would make for great ornaments if you had some string or ribbon handy!

Hopefully you find these DIY decorations add some holiday spirit to your home without overspending! Let me know what you think about these ideas and if you have any of your own! :)

Only 21 more days until Christmas!


    1. Me too! Clearly I still do! haha I wish I had more canvases to do more of these outlines. Glad you enjoyed it!

      1. They’re really simple, yet so stunning. I still made my own Christmas cards up until this year, now I’m working its much more difficult.
        Did you upgrade your WordPress account? I notice you have your own url and I’ve been thinking of doing the same. Any advice appreciated xx

      2. Wow! I’ve never done my own Christmas cards before. I can imagine that would be incredibly time consuming. & I have always had my own URL since the day I started blogging! :)

      3. It doesn’t actually take all that long once you get the design in your head.
        Oh right I was sure you had a WordPress, but I’ve obviously imagined that haha. I told myself if I reached 100followers I would pay for the upgrade. Xx

      4. Yeah I guess depending on how many you decided to make. That’s a good thing to do, setting a milestone to achieve first. Luckily I had the money then, unlike now. haha I mostly liked the idea of no ads and having my own URL.

      5. Yeah, the wordpress bit at the end is a little annoying. I used some ready cut wooden polar bears and just stuck them on with a bit of other decoration and it was really simple but effective

  1. Love these! This one time I worked at Michael’s and it was part of my job to create the examples and run kids events and demos… I loved it so much I (probably) would have done it for free! I bet you would like it too! x

    1. Oh wow! That does sound amazing!!! If I ever had the death wish of working in retail, especially this time of the year, looks like I’d choose there! haha

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